Tone Damli (Norway)

Posted: May 17, 2014 by serbiphile in Artists
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Image Name: Tone Damli

Age:  26

Country: Norway

Genre: Pop and dance

Best Songs: 

Imagine, a lovely pop duet, featuring Swedish pop star Eric Saade.  Although this may be similar to American pop music, it has a nice beat and is an example of a true collaboration.

Look Back, this is my personal favorite from Tone.  This song shows her raspy, yet sweet voice off.  It’s catchy and is definitely something that could be played on the radio right now.

What Rocks:

  • Her voice: Tone has a very pretty voice, unlike the artists on the radio that use autotune.  For a generic pop artist, she has a sweet, raspy, and believable voice.  Tone uses breaks in her voice, which show real emotion.  This makes music, rather than just a song.  On American top 40 radio, artists pour out garbage.  On the other hand, Tone produces songs that are real music, and not some dubstep autotune rubbish.
  • Her catchy music:  As great as ballads are, they don’t compare to pop music when it comes to wanting to sing and dance along to.  Tone’s songs will make you jump up in your chair and knock over your homework.  Her song Look Back, will be stuck in your head for days.  Don’t be surprised if you catch yourself singing or humming to it.
  • She’s a fighter: Tone Damli has been a part of multiple competitions throughout her years as a singer.  In 2005, she was the runner-up in a singing competition much like American Idol, titled Norwegian Idol.  Even though she was defeated in winning the competition, she didn’t give up on music.  After this, she released multiple songs that all went gold.  A year later, she placed third in the Norwegian Second Season of Dancing With the Stars.  In 2009, she entered Norway’s Melodi Grand Prix (Norway’s selection for the Eurovision Song Contest) with the song Butterflies.  Although she was a favorite to win, she eventually landed in 2nd place.  Therefore, she wasn’t able to represent Norway in the Eurovision Song Contest.  After multiple defeats, Tone kept trying and released three more albums, both of with were successful around the world.


What Sucks:

  • Social Networks: Tone doesn’t keep up with her facebook or twitter accounts, although she does update her instagram (TONEDA) quite frequently.
  • Languages: Although Tone pretty much only sings in English, I can’t say the same about the rest of her life.  Most of her interviews are in Norwegian, and so are her posts.  Any hardcore fans who don’t speak Norwegian might be troubled.
  • A Pop Artist:  Let’s be real.  There are millions of pop songs out in all over the world.  With so many similar pop songs, Tone might be forgotten.  Although she has pretty good and consistent songs, there are better songs out in the world.



Due to the fact that I cannot understand any of Tone’s posts or interviews, this section will be hard.  A lot of her interviews consisted of heavy laughter from her and the audience, which probably means that she is sociable.  A lot of her instagram posts have silly pictures of her, which probably means that she likes to have fun and fool around.

Music: 8.5

Voice: 8.5

Performances: 9

Personality: 9

Social Networking: 8

Overall Rating: 8.6 B

-Serbiphile (a.k.a Alexey Holland)



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